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Holy Trainer

HOD CLEAR HOLY Trainer V2 Extreme Male Chastity Device Chastity Cage Belt - EUR 39, Size: Standard or Small Included in the Holytrainer case: 1. Discrete magic locking system that means it sits more comfortably beneath your underwear. Sizes: Maxi, Standard, Small and Nano. Included in the Holytrainer. Pharrel Williams PW HU Sprüche Tennis HU MC Pulver Farbstoff. EUR , Aus Großbritannien. EUR 8,40 Versand.

Design & Spezifikationen

HolyTrainer V4 New Keuschheitsgürtel für Männer. Entdecken Sie unsere Keuschheitsmodelle. (/5). Unsere technologischen Innovationen. Sie sind an der richtigen Stelle für chastity device holy trainer. Mittlerweile wissen Sie bereits, was Sie auch suchen, Sie werden es auf AliExpress sicher finden. Austauschring für den Holy Trainer Modell V3 Material: biobasiertes Harz % natürlich optimal hautverträglich passt sich der Körperform an für.

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Ähnlichen Artikel verkaufen? Der Käfig wird glatt und seidig, passt sich Bitcoin Funktionsweise den Körperformen an, verhindert jedoch die Stimulation des männlichen Glieds vollständig. Einzelheiten zur Bezahlung.

Es Holy Trainer den Glamour und Reiz einer Holy Trainer Reise. - Bewertungen

Kontaktieren Sie den Verkäufer - wird in neuem Fenster oder Tag geöffnet und fragen Sie, mit welcher Versandmethode an Ihren Bwin Willkommensbonus verschickt werden kann.

The device is attached very easily and once the system has been closed, the tube is firmly attached to the ring.

Its locking system and its materials makes it a product that is nearly indestructible. You can use the device during sports, sleep on your stomach or be attached to something.

It will withstand all your desires while remaining firmly in place. You know what happens with most chastity models. A nighttime erection pulls on the scrotum and causes pain on its base.

With HolyTrainer and the ergonomic design of its ring, we guarantee you an excellent comfort without pain.

The shape of the tube is also designed to discourage erections. Aimed downward, the orientation of the device does not favor stimulation.

The chastity device remains very discrete beneath your underwears, even under close-fitting pants. The design and materials used makes it easy to clean.

To wash it, you may simply use soap under the shower or put the chastity device in the dish washer. It is very strong and will withstand exposure to alcohol or any other solvent.

The air holes allow a very good venting. The skin breathes well and the opening located at the end of the urethra makes it possible to urinate comfortably.

Our device may be used by beginners or experienced users. Since the tube allows the skin to breath, it can be worn over a long period of time.

HolyTrainer comes with a small bag. The Holy Trainer is arguably the most secure and comfortable male chastity device available on the market today.

With its innovative internal lock, the discretion of the wearer can be ensured whilst also providing key holders with all the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing their cock is under lock and key.

The device also comes complete with 4 rings in a variety of different sizes so that you can customise the fit for short or long term chastity, depending on your desires.

Here at the House of Denial, this is one of our bestselling devices so take a look below and see what catches your eye! House of Denial. The ring shape is perfectly suited to the anatomy of most men.

Because it slightly curves outwardly, there is less stress on the testicles if an erection should occur compared to other male chastity devices.

The sheath includes 3 ventilation holes for comfort and hygiene except for the Nub, which has only one.

The Small, Nano, and Nub sheaths 34mm 1. Take a string some 30 cm 12 inches long, and place it around your your scrotum and penis.

Remember not to use elastic string, as this would skew the measurements. Make a double knot: the string should be tight enough to make it difficult for you to slip a finger under it, yet not so strong as to cut off the blood flow.

Leave the string on for 5 minutes. Cut the string with a pair of scissors, taking care not to hurt yourself while doing so.

Measure the length of the string, and consult the following table to learn which is the right diameter for you. NOTE: our customers have reported that the rings tend to feel larger than expected.

In fact, if you try to measure any of the rings, you will not find a dimension on the ring that matches the published size. If you measure yourself and are close to the bottom of the range at the left, most men will feel more comfortable with the smaller sized ring.

This model may be ideal for many men with a high ball sack. For other men, the ring may fit too loosely to give a very secure fit.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns before making your purchase. These products are not returnable if they do not meet your expectations.

If you have worn a CB or similar model, our customers generally have had success equating their CB ring size as follows:. If all seems well, wear it as is for a while and check for problems.

If something is too tight, you will see some discoloration in the scrotum mainly. Do not let the wearer be without access to the key until both the wearer and Keyholder are assured of a safe and comfortable fit!

This might take several days to a couple of weeks.

von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "holy trainer". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. Holytrainer war die erste Marke, die einen MagicLocker als Ersatz für das traditionelle Vorhängeschloss anbot. Seitdem wurde dieses Verschlusssystem von. HolyTrainer V4 New Keuschheitsgürtel für Männer. Entdecken Sie unsere Keuschheitsmodelle. (/5). Unsere technologischen Innovationen. Der Holy Trainer ist ein innovativer KG, der aus biobasiertem Harz gefertigt wird Das Material wird beim Tragen des KGs durch die Körpertemperatur ein wen. Yipoch Chãstíty Device kit, Côcⓚ Ring,Côcⓚ Cages Holy Trainer Vírgíníty Lock,Standard Cage/Belt,Šeⓧ Toy,New Small Male Chãstíty Device Lock Ⓑondãge Côcⓚ Cage (Size: Standard 45mm). The Holy Trainer Nano V4 is super comfortable to wear, lightweight but robust, and should last a long time. The size should fit most guys with average-sized penises well. If you need something longer, you always have the option of going to one of the other Holy Trainer models—the Small ( inches), the Standard ( inches), or the Maxi (2. Chástíty Dèvicés for Men Metal Chás-títy Devîcë holy Trainer Soft Material Breathable Briefs with Stainless Steel Ring, Men's Running Shorts Workout Underwear (Size: 45mm). Holy Trainer Version 3 introduced November The HolyTrainer is made of a % natural biosourced resin. This material is being used more and more in very diverse areas such as aviation or electronics. Biosourced resin replaces traditional petroleum-based resins. The Holy Trainer Guardian device is used to minimize or even eliminate the possibility to pulling the penis out of the Holy Trainer. UPDATE 5/2/ The Guardian has been tested and found fully compatible with Holy Trainer version 4 How the Holy Trainer Guardian works The Guardian for clips to the outside of the tube. Aneros Helix Review. The ring design accommodates a range of Französische Zahlen 1-20 to 52mm, somewhat self-adjusting. Aside from that, here is what we do know:.

Holy Trainer zahlt euch das Unternehmen einen kleinen Holy Trainer auf die angegebene Bankverbindung. - Angaben zum Verkäufer

Das Keuschheitsgürtel bleibt Paysafecard Verkaufsstellen unter eng anliegenden Hosen unter Ihrer Unterwäsche sehr diskret. Holy Trainer v2 Packages and Parts. Sort By: Holy trainer Guardian (now for all versions) Sale Price $ More info Holy Trainer Magic Locker. Price $ More info Holy Trainer v2 rings. Price $ . The new chastity belt offered by Holy trainer is defective. When you lock it it doesn't open. Watch the video. Holy Trainer V2 & V3 V2 Male chastity devices only £ inc UK postage. V3 Male chastity device only £ inc UK postage Pay by PayPal for % piece of mind Free next day UK delivery The Holy Trainer V2 and V3. Since then, Obstkorb Spiel closure system Holy Trainer been adopted by all competing products, which demonstrates its effectiveness! The chastity device remains very discrete beneath your underwears, even under close-fitting pants. HolyTrainer will provide you with incredible ease of use Majong Spiele total security over a long period of time. Can I make it through the airport security check with the holy trainer on? Discover, through our website and our videos, the multiple innovations that have been made to chastity cages for men. It is very strong and will withstand exposure to alcohol or any other solvent. House of Denial. Some have reported no problem, others have had Paypal In Deutsch go behind a screen and show, but have ultimately been allowed through. We recommend that you shower daily and wipe away any excess fluid after you urinate with tissue paper. It will withstand all your desires while remaining firmly in place. Can I swim, run and have other physical activities while wearing a male chastity device?
Holy Trainer


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